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Turbulence Training Review – What is it?

Read this review on Turbulence Training and learn everything you need to know before you make a bad decision!

If you have spent too long on the internet looking for decent free information on how to get rid of fat from stubborn areas like the belly, arms, thighs, love handles etc.. Then you probably would have come across hundreds of products that claim to give you the answer to your problems for a very little effort.

Example: Diet pills, Ab Machines etc…

These products don’t work! It was when I came across Turbulence Training that I saw a whole new approach to fat loss.

What is Turbulence Training?

It is a 3 principle program for easy and effective fat loss;

1. Effective Diet and Nutrition
2. 20-25 Minutes of Strength Training followed by 20 minutes of Interval Training
3. Variation of the workouts every 3-4 weeks

…This is the Turbulence Training blueprint and has worked for over 1000’s of people from all over the world.

The whole concept behind Turbulence Training is to shock your body (aka Turbulence) in such a manner that your metabolism will be at its peak for over 24 hours. This means you will be burning fat while you eat, watching TV and even while you sleep!

I learnt many things from the Turbulence Training program. Two of the key points that Craig Ballantyne put forward is the choice of exercises and supersets.

…I discovered that with superset training (two different exercises done together with no rest) you save a lot of time, and increase the speed of fat loss at the same time.

When it comes to the choice of exercises, Turbulence Training goes for total body exercises like squats, pushups, rows etc… that take pretty much the same time as isolated movements but take your body to a whole new level when it comes to shocking your metabolism since each total body exercises works many different muscle groups at once!

In Turbulence Training, you will enjoy many things including the pain and muscle soreness. I especially love the way Craig has set the tempo of each repetition, rest periods for each workout and the clear instructions with pictures on how to perform each exercise.

The tempo shows you how fast you should move when exercising. It really gives you the burn when you follow the right tempo.

If you think Turbulence Training is too complicated, let me make things easier to understand. You get a complete step by step plan to follow for 16 weeks in which time you are guaranteed to lose at least 8% body fat depending on how well you follow it.

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Turbulence Training Review – What is it?

Read this review on Turbulence Training and learn everything you need to know before you make a bad decision! If you have spent too long on the...
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