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Natural Teeth Whitening

Bleaching gels, whitening strips, and other methods. A lot of different products are available in the market for teeth whitening. However, there are also some of those which are from our dear nature.These techniques are not made by any chemical process therefore; fewer side effects can be expected. Here are some that are worth trying.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Orange is the New White

In looking for steps to help whiten the teeth,first technique that comes to mind is the use of orange peels. Orange peels are rich in antioxidants. And, stained and discolored teeth need the most antioxidants that they can get in order to regain their whitest white. Orange peels are used by rubbing the inner part of the peel directly to your choppers. But remember to use only dried orange peels as they are more helpful with less of the wrong effects. The harmful effects of using fresh orange peels can be attributed to the Vitamin C it contains. Vitamin C may contribute to the weakening of our teeth as it combats the effects of calcium which our teeth need to become stronger.

Ash to Whiten

Another method that you may have is using wood ash. Some wood ashes contain sufficient concentrations of potassium hydroxide, also known as lye. Brushing your teeth with wood ash gradually reduces its off white coloring.

However, wood ash should not be used too frequently and for too long. You may also want to do extra research on the types of wood that have enough concentrations of potassium hydroxide in them. Usually hard woods have high concentrations of lye.

Sweet Scheme

Strawberries are well known for their whitening properties. Brush strawberries directly to the teeth. This method can be used for only as often as once in a week.

Make sure you clean your teeth afterwards as strawberries have simple sugars which can cause formation of other dental problems like plaques and cavities.

Squeaky Clean

Virgin olive oil can also be a teeth whitener. This is done by dropping a generous amount of olive oil into a clean cloth. The cloth is then used to brush the oil directly to the teeth.

True Nature

Nothing can be more natural as water. After a good meal, if tooth brushing cannot be done, rinsing your mouth with water is an effective alternative. Water clears the mouth from food fragments and other substances. Also, after taking in sweet foods, it is also necessary to rinse your mouth. A step as simple as this can do a lot of good to your body’s health as well as to your teeth.

Eating foods that are fresh and raw can also lead you away from developing yellowish or grayish teeth. These foods contain coloring which are less likely to stain the teeth. Meanwhile, artificial foods may contain unregulated amounts of artificial colorings that leave your teeth to greater risks of discoloration.

Natural methods of whitening your teeth are undeniably less expensive and less risky than undergoing procedures that use strong chemicals. So, what’s stopping you from trying out those orange peels on your teeth?

Natural Teeth Whitening

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