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6 Minutes To Skinny Review

There’s a ginormous social stigma going against the body fat. The media and our peers have always been seemingly presenting a unified front, which goes to show that anyone who’s a bit on the overweight side is nothing but lazy, that fixing their health problems can be done purely by eating healthy and exercising. Just avoid carbs, eat vegetables, cut off sugar uptake, and run eight miles every day, just like they all say.

6 Minutes To Skinny: Guess what… They’re wrong.

Just as a myriad of overweight people know, our bodies don’t happen to be heavy machinery. They don’t react exactly the way you would predict, to simply change your life through a new diet and exercise plan. You can splurge hundreds or even thousands of dollars investing on diet programs, gym memberships, personal trainers, and “revolutionary” weight loss pills as marketers would claim. But with all these, you can still end up gaining no substantial result. Sweating that tush off through exercise every day doesn’t necessarily cut it for everyone, too.

First Impressions

The first time we heard about the whole 6 Minutes to Skinny program, we automatically thought it to be like every other weight loss program we’ve tried. Apparently, we were out to be disproved. We were downright wrong. Unlike every other program we know, 6 Minutes to Skinny is one that utilizes several scientifically researched methods, which make you feel like you’re really getting your money’s worth and the efforts you put, for the very reason that you indeed are.

Craig Ballantyne, creator of the program, has spent most of his time understanding exactly how the body responds to different foods and exercises. Contrary to prescribing unpleasant and sweeping modifications to your current diet or preferred lifestyle, the program is edged towards pushing every button of your body as much as getting you to kick that metabolism up into high gear with only a few minutes each day.

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6 Minutes To Skinny: Contents Equating Your Money

The 6 Minutes to Skinny by Craig is divided into a series of short, information-rich videos. Every video contains a purely condensed presentation concerning a particular topic, allowing you to choose what to watch and when. Rather than wading through a crap load of mechanical information that no really cares about, you can simply jump right into it and rig yourself easily towards the topic of your choice.

Fidgeting to shape up those legs? Then try video 2, containing simple exercise that will mold your thighs as well as your butt with meager time and minimal effort. Looking to drop weight all over? On that note, Video 7 will give you a rationale on why you should and how you are actually able to do so through a series of swift movements to ultimately unleash the natural fat burning mechanisms of your body.

All of the exercises and movements outlined within the video materials are easy to perform and doable anytime, anywhere. They don’t demand weights, nor do they require a lot of space. Even the bathroom should do, truth be told. No need for you to spend a penny for a gym membership or for any fancy equipment.

6 Magical Staples of 6 Minutes to Skinny

The program itself tends to be a magnum opus of all quick and healthy weight loss and body shaping methods. Going by experience, they all work. They are as follows…

1. Be S-M-A-R-T to Get Noticed

Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound, that’s what SMART stands for. Motivation is just not enough for most cases. Whatever it is that you are aiming, make sure that it is highly feasible. In the context of weight loss, you can start by setting all your expectations realistically.

For starters, measure the desired weight that you want to lose on a weekly basis. Match this with the extent of activity and discipline that your well-being could handle. You don’t need to start in huge steps, small ones could spell the difference between losing 10 lbs in a week than nothing at all.

And don’t forget to take pictures of yourself everyday as this will help determine the gradual fall of your weight should you have done things successfully bit by bit. As such, people should notice the difference, particularly those who haven’t seen you for a while — compliments are to come your way.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Fasting intermittently can be one of your best tools to trimming weight down while maintaining muscle mass. This would help raise insulin sensitive to mobilize adipose tissue and promote growth hormone secretion, which is always an effective enzyme to spare muscle and burn fats. There’s every reason to love this tool, especially with how it responds to the body perfectly in eliminating the predicament. And for an optimal effect, you should exercise while fasted. Wait for an hour at the least before eating something again.

3. Diet, Don’t Die-yet for Muscles

The general idea that people get when they hear the word diet is: refraining one’s self from all the sumptuous goodness that the world has to offer. Obviously you should stop what you’re doing if this is how you see dieting. A proper diet does not intend to torture a person for the sake of trimming down those fats and achieve a desirable weight and shape.

You can have a little taste of the food that your taste buds crave for, just make sure that you don’t get past the amount of calories that your body can actually burn; make sure that you don’t exceed the allowance that your daily caloric intake can accommodate. This is probably one of the most overrated practices in the context of dieting, however the purpose of this couldn’t be stressed enough.

Also, the need to not starve is equally important. Cravings are different from starving; if cravings continue to persist and if all else fail, the next tip wouldn’t. Remember that losing fats is losing weight, not eating up your muscles. You should have enough of the right foods for your muscles, be it proteins and other amino acids for muscle build up and growth.

4. Get Up and Go: Lift and Shake Flabs Away

Exercise paired with a healthy balanced diet plus a timely visit to your health adviser is definitely equals weight loss! Combine that with discipline and determination as you do these things and you’ll be good to go. One important point about this tip is to start with minimal exercise and then gradually increase it.

Don’t immediately get into an intense routine and find yourself in so much pain afterwards. If you don’t know exactly how to do it, feel free to approach licensed gym trainers that can help you do it the right way. Let them know what your goal is and what you’re hoping or expecting to achieve in a certain period of time and let them lead you the way. But for starters, you really have to begin lifting weights, first with mini barbells of varying heaviness every session.

5. Oral Fluid Intake – Water Therapy

This is one of the biggest secret in controlling one’s appetite. Consuming water can help you full or at least less hungry (if you wish to) without consuming high caloric food or drinks. Apart from that, a lot of studies have proven that drinking water on or before meals can dramatically decrease the intake of a person. Satiety is easily satisfied mainly because the stomach is easily stretched with minimal food due to the presence of water. Once the stomach reaches its full capacity regardless of its content, it sends a signal to the brain to cease the hungry feeling. Not only is water healthy, it’s the perfect weight loss drink that could help you tighten your appetite in times of intense craving.

6. Don’t Go Overboard with Chronic Cardio

Some might find it sacrilegious, but truth be told: Chronic Cardio is catabolism, disrupting muscle growth and reducing muscle mass through protein synthesis interruption. Excessive exercise discharges cortisol, which is a vital fight-or-flight hormone, incredibly damaging to vast extents. You will only need that when survival is really about dragging yourself down the edges, like when you are stranded on an island with apes maybe.

But today, as you read this on your computer screen, which goes to say you’re safe and in a fully inhabitable home, the worst you can get is stress that comes from work. Chronic cardio will only then make you stressed all the more than relieved from it. Just go mild and feel strengthened and relaxed.

A healthy, primal diet, mild cardio exercises, stress relief and gradual weight lifting, that’s about all you need. And don’t forget, keep moving and stay active. That’s why as a final tip, sprint everyday to keep your mind and body active the same way it would speed up your metabolism. What’s more amazing? You get to enjoy doing three or four all these in several combinations for six minutes a day and as to the kind of combination you need to follow, the program sets out the guidelines for you.

Needless to say, Craig Ballantyne’s 6 Minutes to Skinny is a truly promising weight loss and overall health optimization program.

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